Liberty FSC is the proud home of 2014 – 2017 Eastern Adult Sectional,

US Adult National and ISU World Adult Ice Dancing Champions,
Shay Sterlace and Yovanny Durango!


Congratulations to our Moves in the Field Gold Medalists!

Ashleigh Falcione
Madison Gaylord
Rebecca Gitlevich
Ashlynn Grant
Cassandra Hawks
Gabby Hernandez
Piper McGee
Shannen McGee
Katherine Petusky
Hannah Shin
Gillian Snyder
Sarah Yang

Congratulations September Testers!

  • Gillian Snyder: Junior Moves
  • Clair Kim & Taylor Yaglinski: Pre-Juvenile Moves
  • Chelsea Lu, Alison Bateson, Kate Hassanally & Christine Juliano: Pre Preliminary Moves
  • Madison Gaylord: Pre-Juvenile Freestyle
  • Samantha Hawks, Laura Nolan & Emmy Allen: Preliminary Freestyle

Congratulations July Testers!

  • Sofia Lapeire: Junior Moves
  • Katerina Matthews: Pre-Juvenile Moves
  • Stella Barnett & Gina Choi: Preliminary Moves

Congratulations June Testers!

  • Ashleigh Falcione & Ashlynn Grant: Senior Moves
  • Amber Borowski & Charlotte Reid: Novice Moves
  • Alexis Haring & Claire Petusky: Intermediate Moves
  • Maddie Leonardis, MaKenna Rodriguez & Yvonne Burke: Juvenile Moves
  • Molly Donnelly: Pre Preliminary Moves
  • Katie Connelly, Ashlynn Grant, Amanda Son & Gabby Leavitt: Preliminary Freestyle
  • Katie Connelly: Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Congratulations May Testers!

  • Cassandra Hawks, Madison Gaylord & Gabby Hernandez: Senior Moves
  • Sabrina Rockelmann & Julia Kester: Novice Moves
  • Christy Rockelmann: Intermediate Moves
  • Helen Wu: Pre Juvenile Moves
  • Katerina Matthews & Juliana Nelson: Preliminary Moves
  • Tessa Miller, Gina Choi, Catherine Oh & Stella Barnett: Pre Preliminary Moves
  • Gianna Szpanka: Intermediate Freestyle

Congratulations March Testers!

  • Hannah Shin: Senior Moves
  • Emily Valesky & Sophia Holena: Juvenile Moves
  • Annalisa Schaar & Chloe Notte: Preliminary Moves
  • Ava Ogden & Dary Demchuck: Pre Preliminary Moves
  • Emily Valesky: Pre Preliminary Freestyle

Congratulations February Testers!

  • Katarina Sliwa & Claire Mundell: Intermediate
  • Alexis Haring & Amelia Betancourt: Juvenile Moves
  • Grace MacMahon: Pre Juvenile Moves
  • Taylor Yaglinski, Clair Kim, Sophia Katz, Katie Lee & Allison Courtenay: Preliminary Moves
  • Claire Petusky, Christy Rockelmann, Alexis Haring & Amelia Betancourt: Pre Preliminary Free
  • Sabrina Rockelmann: Pre Juvenile Free
  • Sabrina Rockelmann: Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango & Rhythm Blues
  • Annabelle Roth: Novice Solo Free Dance & Fox Trot
  • Katherine Petusky: 14 Step & European Waltz
  • Ashleigh Falcione: 14 Step